Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Spring to Remember


Abstract 9

Fly: Sweet Slumber

Watching Over The Land. Fairy Tale Art Print


Seascape Miracle



The Dark Beholder

Southwest Art; Crumbling Old Mission

Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii Landscape Print

Sequoia Mountain Road, California Wilderness


Le Disco


Sibling Rivalry

Daily Duties

James Street North


Anniversary Roses

Wet Feet

On way to pont 282


Torro and Torrero

Modern Impressionists Archive Nov-Dec 2008

Featured works of Nov-Dec 2008:
torro & torrero by Jean-Christophe Saintpo
Layers by Joni Gruber
On way to pont 282 by Mila Shale
Wet Feet by Jacque A.
Anniversary Roses by David Bleakley
Oriental by Lutz Baar
James Street North by Alvis Zujevs
Daily Duties by Lydia Boggus
Sibling Rivalry by Alma Lee
Daydreamin by Jacque A.
Shadow of a Street Lamp by Paula Suter
Le Disco by Cienega Soon
DreamValley by Michelle Kwajafa
Sequoia Mountain Road by Warren Keating
Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii by Warren Keating
Southwest Art by Lenora De Lude
The Dark Beholder by Thomas Conigliaro
Torro by Mike Orduña
BlueMoon by Ivy Klingbeil
Seascape Miracle by Leyla Murr
My Sunset I love by Anna Maria Kotlowska
Phoenix by Karin Kuhlmann
Over Seeing The Land 2 by Philippe A Fernandez
Fly: Sweet Slumber by Jude Harzer
River of Umbrellas II by ISIK MATER
Abstract 9 by Cara Jennings
Blossom by Lutz Baar
Composition #58 by Patrick Gunderson
A Spring to Remember by Gayle Faucette Wisbon