Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Featured Artworks for February 2009:

Dream Trip by Lutz Baar
Couple by Lutz Baar
Can you guess What This Is? by Jacque A.
Above the Clouds by Jacque A.
Rainy night in Dublin by Ros Ashworth
Street Musician by Paula Suter
Etude#2 in red green and action script by Patrick Gunderson
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii Golf Fine Art Giclee Print by Warren Keating
Closeup of Fairway Wood Hitting Golf Ball Print by Warren Keating
Closeup of Driver Striking Ball Off The Tee Print by Warren Keating
Maya Script by Joni Gruber
Last Curtain by Karin Kuhlmann
Between Heaven and Earth by Karin Kuhlmann
Pepper Pot & Red Onions by Cynthia Haase
The One That Got Away by Juli Ryan
Mayo Motor Inn by Celeste Vaught
Atlas Life by Celeste Vaught
Aurora 2 by Leyla Murr
Impressions 1 by Leyla Murr
On way to pont 248 by Mila Shale
On way to Pont 234 by Mila Shale
Harp by Rachel Ash
Building the market by Shayli Vere
Singular Beauty: Sunset Glow by Kristen Stein
Mother Nature and child contemporary Modern Abstra by Kristen Stein
Tales of Light I by Ann Croon
Metamorphosis by Ann Croon
Plant Light by Ann Croon
Weathered by Steven Walker
The Light by Steven Walker
My magic river is dressed in all her finery...!!! by Denis Collette
The stump after the visit of the beaver by Denis Collette
Noise Storm Far Away by Denis Collette
Meditation's November by Denis Collette
Autumn's sky by Denis Collette
Mellow by Alvis Zujevs
Angel by Alvis Zujevs
Bruno by Tine Wiggens
Untitled by Alexandr Grichenko
Obsession Gold 2 by Navin Joshi
Sunflowers & Bees by Ginette Callaway
Grandma's Apple Tree Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway
Abundance by Lisa Ewing
One Million Nine A.D. by Jim Jafvis
Abstract Cream Rose by Terri Meyers
Purple Tree by Karin Lauria
Grapevine Engraved Marble by Cara Jennings
Dragonfly Medicine by F.T. McKinstry
Sunflower by Angel Mist
Follow your Heart by Crystal Teague
The last rose of summer by David Lane
Last of the season by David Lane
Reptile stew by E. M. Black
Heaven by Heidi Zeile

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