Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Featured Artworks for April 2009:

Story of Earth by Mila Shale
Cottoncandy factory by Ildiko Bodnarne Horvath
Boat to the paradise by Ildiko Bodnarne Horvath
Posy Toes Rainy Stroll by Philippe A. Fernandez
Awaiting His Arrival by Philippe A. Fernandez
Moon Bathing by Philippe A. Fernandez
Joy Within Her World by Philippe A. Fernandez
The School House by Philippe A. Fernandez
Red Tulips by Terri Meyers
Cup of Coffee by Lutz Baar
Encased by Cara Jennings
Reflected Memories by Cara Jennings
Chair Shadow by Paula Suter
With a Twist by Cynthia Haase
Sunny Wall in Mexico by Cynthia Hasse
Autumn Berries by John Bolin
Frosty Sunrise by Stephen Thompson
Snowshoe Hare by F.T.McKinstry
Emerging by Nikola Durdevic
Solstice by Nikola Durdevic
Look Into My Eyes by Jacque Alameddine
Dawn on the Mountain by Jacque Alameddine
Angel Bird by Navin Joshi
Mortif#1 Reflections by Richard Nowak
Floral Light by Ann Croon
Purple Woods Fairy by Roxy Riou
Parrot Pitcherplant by Ginette Callaway
Simetry by Paulo Gomes
Hayrolls in Fog by Jacki Mroczkowski
Reminiscence by Cathy Beharriell
Together by Iris Greenwell
Glowing Water Lily by Iris Greenwell
Petals by Esther Johnson
The Arrival of Spring by Jennifer Lommers
Sun God by Joni Gruber
New Life by Karin Lauria
Dirty Windows by LaFleureRouge Adams
Early Morning in Burgundy by Johannes Huntjens
Frustration by Heidi Zeile
Blue Mountain Odessy by Chris Marshall
Sailing Near Vancouver by Sari McNamee

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